Future High Streets is committed to exploring new ideas and solutions for the UK’s conventional shopping streets by original research, collating case studies and publishing best practice. 


Vacant and unused upper floors in town and city centres have the potential to release 300,000 homes using the town centres investment management approach. The approach tackles the underlying reasons for underused accommodation by addressing the problem on a larger scale.


Town Centre Investment Zones 

Commissioned through the BPF and funded by DCLG and three local authorities, this report took forward the Town Centre Investment Management concept, with reference to over 20 case studies and 3 pilot feasibility studies. It has been very well received and its recommendations taken into the Future High Street Forum.

John led the team that produced it; it was published in January 2016 and launched at a BPF event in March. It has since been quoted as a source development for the Future High Street Trust.


Accommodating Growth in Town Centres

The Greater London Authority (GLA) commissioned a report to address the twin issues of retail reconstruction in town centres and the need to find more land for housing. The report advocated the Mayor’s support to be directed at those London town centres which have the potential for intensification, which are under threat of decline as a result of structural change and where there is the commitment and capacity to deliver intensification. John Parmiter was a lead contributor and Town Centre Investment Management was one of the solutions recommended as a means of overcoming the common obstacle to assembling sites for housing in town centres as well as retail/commercial uses. 


Thought Leadership

When a partner at Peter Brett Associates LLP (until 2014) John wrote a Thought Leadership paper on getting investment back into the High Street, as he got frustrated at the level of the debate and the failure of Government to recognise the structural problems plaguing the country's town centres.  The result was a paper ( that has become a major contribution to the debate on the future of the High Street. Town Centre Investment Management advocates an asset management approach to failing centres (or parts of them) by pooling a critical mass of core assets, which are then curated.  

The journal Property Week listed TCIM as one of 10 Ideas that will change property, in May 2013. The papers have been downloaded by over 600 people and in all over 1000 people have been engaged with the initiative.  The concept led to John leading on the Town Centre Investment Zone report.  You can download the original and update papers here: www.towncentreinvestment.com

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