Manifesto for the High Street

The Manifesto poses a challenge to the Government to take hold of the opportunities afforded by the Future High Street Fund to also deliver on the Government’s top domestic policy agendas, for example:

  • Housing
  • Econmic growth
  • Social cohesion
  • Crime
  • Pubic finance and
  • Devolution

 Future High Street Forum

John is part of the government’s Future High Street Forum which brings together leaders across retail, property and business to better understand the competition our high streets and town centres across the country face.  The Forum provides joint business and government leadership to better enable our high streets and town centres to adapt and compete in the face of changing consumer and social trends and will advise the government in the formation and delivery of policies to support high streets and town centres, in the short and longer term.

John is a member of the restructuring work stream and is arguing for a policy framework that is based around a genuine commitment to supporting the restructuring and adaptation of our High Streets, with support for developing an asset management approach that gets investment  back into town centres. 


British Property Federation

John was an influential member of the Fragmented Ownership Group, chaired by Liz Peace, which produced the report on Town Centre Investment Zones. John led the team from Peter Brett Associates and brought in Citicentric, the specialist property consultants and Bond Dickinson, the leading law firm, to produce a]some ground-breaking proposals .  As a result of this work John has met the High Streets Minister and senior DCLG officials to explain the report’s proposals and recommendations.  The work is now being taken forward as part of the Future High Street Forum.


Who we will be lobbying

1. Government:  We want to see a High Streets agenda based around Reconstruction and Adaptation. That means an acceptance that solutions need to move from Facilities Management to Asset Management and to see real support given to piloting local schemes. The Future High Street Trust is a response to this.

2. Local Government: We want to urge local councils to develop strong leadership and align all local town centre services and initiatives to get focussed on the town centre with a set of deliverable solutions, involving:

  • One plan

  • One board

  • One set of investable propositions

3. Investors: We will encourage investors to set up a national fund to invest in asset managed high streets. And to help local authorities develop intuitive solutions.

4. Local communities: We will champion the focus of Business Neighbourhood Plans on town centres, to enable change by local residents and business for local interests. 
We will work with the London Mayor to develop a Town Centre Toolkit to help boroughs achieve real change in local town centres.

5. Interest groups:  We will lobby for a UK-wide Town Centre Council, a group that can genuinely represent town centre interests, as too many sector bodies represent both in-centre and out-of-centre interests.